#BeingEnough Day 3

Assignment #3: Shame is a five letter word

What does shame mean to you? For some people it can be an unpleasant self-conscious emotion. Or the concept of shame can help to create a negative evaluation of the self. What does it take to shed shame?

1. Write the word SHAME on a black piece of paper or in Notes on your phone.

2. Knowing SHAME is a five letter word, think of other five letter words. It doesn’t matter what these words are, as long as they use five letters. Write these words down to make a list.

3. Now look at the list of five letter words. Which word on the list evokes the most power to you?

4. Write a short reflection about this powerful word. Set the timer on your phone for ten minutes. Write whatever you like about this powerful word. Maybe just start writing about why you chose to give power to this word.

5. Read your reflection back to yourself. Did you shed any shame?