Future Echoes: Critical Conversations

Alternative ways of seeing, being and doing are vital in imagining and building the future. Critical Conversations brings the future into the present, centring Indigenous voices, looking beyond access, transcending gender and placing artists at the centre of social change. Recorded at Arts Centre Melbourne as part of the inaugural Future Echoes festival, Critical Conversations invites you to engage with the arts, the world, the present and the future.

Based in Melbourne and want to experience these panels live? They’re free to attend and will be happening 23-26 October as part of Future Echoes, a festival highlighting young voices, new narratives and works in progress at Arts Centre Melbourne. Check out all the info over Arts Centre Melbourne’s page.

Presented in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne

Episode 1: Indigenous Futurism 

Reimagine reality and contemplate perspectives of the future, informed by the past and present. With Bridget Caldwell and Savanna Kruger

Please note, this session will not be broadcast.

Episode 2: Beyond Access 

Reframe discussions about access and consider the way we interact with the arts, inclusive practices and the world around us. With Jessica Ibacache, Jo Dunbar and Hannah Morphy-Walsh

Download the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 3: Transcending Gender 

Refocus on experiences and expressions of gender and take a journey into performance and community beyond the confines of binaries. With Mama Alto, Casper Plum and Dani Weber

Download the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 4: Young People as Agents of Change 

Recentre the future by taking a look into arts, activism and the young creatives using both to inspire action in their justice-informed practices. With Idil Ali, Joshua Allen and Georgia Mae

Download the transcript for this episode here.

Released Saturday 2 November