Urban Internet Myths

Urban Internet Myths is a five-episode audio horror series featuring writers from across the continent. Released as daily episodes throughout DWF19, our unreliable narrator will act as your guide to the spooky, kooky and weird world wide web.

Voiced and produced by Rudi Bremer

Episode 1: Bodies Needed, by Rae White

A temporary reception job at a funeral home takes a turn for the permanent. 

Episode 2: The Piggy Wiggy Man, by Steve Dillon

A group of friends prepare everything for fun camping trip. Well, almost everything. 

Episode 3: The Tic Tic Woman, by Nikesh Murali

A letter from a friend serves as a warning – and a goodbye.

Episode 4: All Cats Look Grey in the Dark, by Angharad Lodwick

A cat is not a cat is not a cat is definitely! Not! A! Cat!

Episode 5: Gala B, by Maryann Webb

A video game turns out to be anything but fun and games.

Released daily from 29 October