Digital Writers’ Festival acknowledge that our team work, learn and play on the land of the Kulin Nation, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge the traditional owners of all the lands that our DWF artists live and make art on, and the lands these works reach.

Hello, and welcome to the Digital Writers’ Festival. That’s right – you’ve found exactly where the festival will be taking place from 29 October – 2 November! Whether you’re on public transport, on your couch with a pet or checking this out on a lunch break, you’re already a festival attendee by joining us here.

What is a digital festival? How do I attend?

Digital Writers’ Festival is presented entirely online here to challenge what a traditional festival can look like. The festival is accessible anywhere, anytime by anyone with an internet connection. 

We do this to break down barriers to access, transcend geographic boundaries and bring writers together in an online community, no matter where they’re joining from. 

Unlike a regular literary event where you purchase a ticket and arrive at a certain time and location, our events are all online, meaning you don’t even have to leave your home to attend. Bonus! Events such as our Webinars and Livestreams will involve tuning in online at a particular time, but many events such as the DWF Podcast and our interactive digital projects can be accessed at any time throughout the festival dates.

Okay great, so how do I stay in the loop?

Everyday throughout the festival, we’ll send out a Daily Edit: an update via your inbox of what’s on at the festival each day. It’ll have the events and projects you can get involved with, as well as writing prompts for our Daily Write In so you can get motivated to share your work, word counts, wins and woes with us and in our Discord Channel.

Make sure you sign up here to get these Daily Edits so we can keep in touch during DWF. 

We’ll also be chatting to festival attendees (that’s you!) through social media, so make sure you’re our mate on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Discord – join the conversation daily!

Discord is where a lot of the daily conversations will take place between the attendees during DWF. It’ll essentially be a free reign group chat between our DWF friends while the festival is on. You’ll be able to join our general chat, be part of our MLTools for Writers chat or use the Daily Write In chat to submit your words.

Make sure you read our Community Guidelines on our Discord as the chat won’t be monitored 24/7, but we welcome you to use it as a space to network (without awkward face-to-face interactions), chat about the events and connect with a community of like-minded digital storytelling champs.

Want to receive Tinyletters from TinyGhosts?!

To relish in the fact that DWF is over Halloween, we’ve channeled our true spookiness and contacted some very tiny ghosts from another realm. They’re now some of our DWF writers, and they’d like to send you TinyLetters throughout the festival.

Serious, spooky and always surreal, follow Tiny Ghost on their adventures across the course of this year’s festival. Sign up here to get their TinyLetter.

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